Try reading 1 Nephi in this format, and you might be surprised at how you notice new things.

Here’s a rough draft of the book of First Nephi from my custom edition of the Book of Mormon that I’m working on. I’ve tried to make it look more like a novel or textbook, with overarching parts and “chapters” and major and minor headings.

A few people requested a wide-margin version, so here’s what I was able to do with a little Adobe-Acrobat-ninja manipulation:

I hope this is a helpful resource since so many Latter-day Saints will be reading First Nephi this month for the Come Follow Me program. Many people find that this kind of layout results in them reading much farther than they expected, and noticing things about the story and text that they never saw before.

You can learn more about my Structured Edition scripture project on this website.

Please note that this is an earlier draft and you will find the occasional layout error. For example, there are underscores in some headings, which is how I mark for myself where I am uncertain of the placement or phrasing of a heading and may consider revising in the future.

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