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Including the books of Moses and Abraham

Nathan Richardso, StoryGuide Scripture Reading Chart, Old Testament

StoryGuide Scriptures Reading Chart: Old Testament

Learn the larger structure of the Old Testament as you check off your reading progress with this chapter checklist. Multiple versions include the books of Moses and Abraham, and selections for Come Follow Me. 

Nathan Richardso, StoryGuide Scripture Reading Chart, Old Testament

Come Follow Me Reading Schedule: Old Testament

See at a glance which days you should be reading which passages, and whether you have many or few chapters to cover this week. Includes a large-print version..

structural chapter reading chart for the Old Testament, Seminary selected readings 2015

Kings of Judah and Israel Diagram

Easily track the dynasties and reigns of the kings of Judah and Israel while you read Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament. Judah is in purple and Israel is shown in teal.

Old Testament Storyline Books

Some books of the Old Testament are chronological, while other books fit in the timeline of or overlap with another book. Here you can see the main books, or “backbones” of the Old Testament, and see how the minor books (or “ribs”) fit into the greater context of the event of the Old Testament.

New Testament

Including Joseph Smith—Matthew

StoryGuide Reading Chart: New Testament

See smaller and larger storylines woven throughout the New Testament while you check off your reading progress with this chapter checklist.

Book of Mormon

StoryGuide Reading Chart: Book of Mormon

See smaller and larger storylines woven throughout the Book of Mormon while you check off your reading progress with this chapter checklist.

Original Chapter Breaks in the Book of Mormon

Did you know that the current chapter breaks in the Book of Mormon are not Mormon’s original chapter breaks? Learn where the original chapter breaks were and what insights we can gain from them.

Doctrine and Covenants

Including Joseph Smith—History and the Articles of Faith

StoryGuide Reading Chart: Doctrine and Covenants

Did you know that the Doctrine and Covenants is the only standard work without a built-in storyline? Use this reading chart to see smaller and larger storylines woven throughout the D&C and Pearl of Great Price while you use the checklist to check off your reading progress.

Section Titles and Divisions in a Chronological Reading Checklist

[Coming soon] Using major and minor divisions and patterns in the Doctrine and Covenants, I chose section names for each section in the D&C to help readers follow the storyline of the early Latter-day Saints.

Geographical Timeline of Early Church History

This Geographical Timeline tracks the early Latter-day Saints as they moved from state-to-state. Geography is indicated by this diagram’s y axis; time is indicated by its horizontal axis. This timeline also includes important Church history events to help get familiar the the Saints’ story while you follow their migration from east to west across the US.

Pearl of Great Price

Generally material related to the Pearl of Great Price is distibuted throughout the other relevant scripture volume categories

Other Gospel Topics

General Conference Notes Worksheet

Take notes on what Church leaders say during general conference and also what you felt prompted to do. The accompanying blog post explains different ways to use this worksheet with children or teens.

14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet by Ezra Taft Benson game

Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet: Handouts and Games

Ezra Taft Benson’s talk called “Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet” has been a landmark talk and has been reprinted and referenced often in the past several years. Use these games, worksheets, and lesson helps to teach these timeless principles.

How to Organize a Talk Template

A lot has been said on what to say in a talk, but not as much has been said on how to organize it. These charts will help you organize your thoughts and also give you an easy way to cut major portions of your talk out should your time be cut short.

Scripture Notes Symbols

Margin space in your scriptures is precious. Save space to give you room to write more notes by labeling your insights with these symbols. These are the ones I use to help me quickly identify what insights I had when reading certain verses. This is also helpful when teaching, for example, if I need to share a personal story, so I can see at-a-glance if I have any relevant stories to share with my children or class.

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