6 January 2011

Study Aids

Charts, diagrams, lists, graphics, and visual aids I have made to help in teaching the gospel. Most of these are printable for handing out in class or taping up on your wall.


Redesigned Scriptures

My custom version of the scriptures, as well as resources for making your own.



Various studies I’ve done on gospel topics.




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The Original Chapter Breaks in the Book of Mormon

The Original Chapter Breaks in the Book of Mormon

Did you know that the Book of Mormon prophets had different chapter breaks than we do now? Why did the book of Alma originally have only 30 chapters, and now it has 63? Here’s a table that shows the original chapter breaks in the Book of Mormon and a post on how knowing this can help your personal scripture study.

Old Testament Reading Charts

Old Testament Reading Charts

I've created a new study aids page where you can browse my printables and visual aids organized by scripture volume or...


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