These files allow you to customize the layout of the scriptures, creating your own personalized edition of the scriptures that is annotated in whatever way makes sense to you. (Since I am sometimes asked this question, let me clarify: I am not talking about writing your own scriptures, or altering the wording of the current scriptures in order to satisfy your preferences. I am talking about choosing fonts and page size, inserting headings where a new section seems to begin, dividing paragraphs from lines of poetry, etc.) If you’d like to see one finished example of a customized D&C, see my version: The Doctrine and Covenants: Structured Edition, which you can download for free, or purchase the print copy of the book at-cost.

Starting files

Book of scripture Verse numbers Related blog post
With Without

Complete standard works Redesigned scriptures project
  Old Testament
  New Testament
  Book of Mormon DIY Book of Mormon
    With original chapter breaks BM original chapter breaks
    Without original chapter breaks
  Doctrine and Covenants DIY Doctrine and Covenants
  Pearl of Great Price DIY Pearl of Great Price

The Book of Mormon without punctuation BM without punctuation


Examples of my redesigns

Book of scripture File to download Related blog post

New Testament

Doctrine and Covenants


Related blog posts

BibleScrollRedesigned Scriptures Project. An explanation of multiple endeavors that all involve redesigning the layout of the scriptures so that reading them is easier and more understandable, including ideas for doing this on your own.

Do-It-Yourself Book of Mormon. A discussion of some unique considerations you should be aware of when outlining or redesigning this volume of scripture.

thumb_WalterRane-TheDesiresOfMyHeartDo-It-Yourself Doctrine and Covenants. A discussion of some unique considerations you should be aware of when outlining or redesigning this volume of scripture.

thumb_facsimile3-carvingDo-It-Yourself Pearl of Great Price. A discussion of some unique considerations you should be aware of when outlining or redesigning this volume of scripture.

PunctuationTakesAVacationThe Book of Mormon without punctuation. The complete text of the Book of Mormon with all punctuation (and related capitalization) removed. In other words, an approximation of what Oliver Cowdery’s manuscript would have been like to read. Try adding your own punctuation and you’ll discover some passages with more than one possible interpretation.


22 Responses to “Do-It-Yourself Scriptures”

  1. S. Evans says:

    Remarkable Nathan. The thought has crossed my mind before to try something like this myself, but just de-formatting seemed so daunting. Thanks for making that first step complete and available. I will now HAVE to do this for myself.

  2. Before I learned about the Find/Replace function in Word, it was a daunting task! I used to do it in short bursts in the BYU computer labs, then I would get weary. Thank goodness for macros! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m glad to know someone will be doing it, and I’d love to have you make further comments here about your results.

    If I can ask, how did you find the website?

    • S. Evans says:

      A friend shared your music link via Facebook. (Incidentally, I have a lengthy excerpt from Chieko Okazaki’s book taped over my kitchen sink; tell your wife thank you for the words to that song.) Followed it here and floated around.

      Keep up the work. You’ll never regret missionary work.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy this site as well as your blog. Been following for a while now.

    Would you happen to have a Book of Mormon text file ready? The Word icon at the top of this page is either inactive or not working in my browsers (Firefox and Safari). I have a project in mind that is slightly similar to yours (and daunting). Your feedback is welcome if you ever have a chance to talk about it.

    • As you wishโ€”I’ll make posting the Book of Mormon files my next priority. I actually have them, but they were drafts I created about four or five years ago, so they’re inconsistent styles-wise. I will try to hurry and get them all into the same template and then post them here (with an accompanying blog post, as usual).

      Funny how a project like this can lie fallow for months, and all it takes is one note of interest and I’m supercharged to get back to it again! Not to sound emotionally needy or anything, but it does encourage me to know that people are actually interested in this project. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for letting me know which standard work would be the best one to hit next.

      The Word icon at the top was an error; I’ve removed it. I haven’t posted the blank template yet (one of these days!).

      And I would love to talk with you about your project. It’s why I created this section of my website. Email me any time.

  4. The Book of Mormon files are up now.

  5. Great project! I will use it to increase my understanding of the scriptures. Thanks for making it available.

  6. You bet, DaveK. Please come back and tell us more about how you use them. The discussion is the fun part!

  7. Michael says:

    Do you have any other PDF Structured versions available aside from the Pearl of Great Price?

  8. Michael, you asked your question here on the Do-It-Yourself project page, but I’m guessing you’re referring to the Structured Edition project. The answer is, not yet. But I am very close to having a draft of the Doctrine and Covenants ready to post (all I have to do is create graphics for the how-to section). I completed the Book of Mormon two years ago, but it was a wide-page study version with marginal notes, and I’m condensing it down to a regular size book before I post it.

    • The PDFs of the Doctrine and Covenants and Book of Mormon are now available for download on the Structured Edition page. Just a warning: the Book of Mormon is currently a very messy draft, with no reference ranges in the page corners.

  9. One of the great things about the internet is that whenever you think you have a great idea, chances are someone else has already had that great idea and is already sharing it with others. I decided to try my hand at typesetting the Book of Mormon. I’ve gotten about halfway through 1 Nephi chapter 2 before I had the thought that surely someone’s posted the text without chapters and verses (and obnoxious line breaks) before. Thanks for posting this—it will be useful to me!

    • LOL! So true! Glad I could help, Kaylee. I would love to see your results, whenever you feel like sharing.

      (Incidentally, sometimes I’m surprised at great ideas that seem so obvious, I’m amazed they haven’t been done yet. One of these days maybe I’ll write a post about my idea for a World of Warcraft-style Bible game!)

  10. Nathan, this is just what I was looking for … almost. I noticed that the chapter and verse are still included in the Word file, just small and gray. Do you have a copy without ANY reference to the verse number? Or is there a way to remove them from the Word document?

    • OK Ryan, after seeing your request, I’ve created Word documents that are identical except for having the chapter and verse numbers removed. I also created a similar file for the Book of Mormon without punctuation, and for the Book of Mormon with no verses but still including the original chapter breaks. I posted the files in the “Starting Files” chart at the top of this page, in a new column labeled “Without [Verse numbers].” Please let me know if you find any links that are broken.

      I hope that helps you in your study! Come back and comment again after you’ve played with them for a while. I’d love to see what you come up with!

  11. Jeff Whatcott says:

    The link to the BOM with original chapter breaks appears to be broken.

  12. Thank you so much for putting the scriptures into a form with which we can tinker. I wanted to print them in a single narrow column so there would be room for lots of notes. Your Word files make this so easy. Thanks for all the work you did. It must have been massive.

    • It makes it all worth it to hear how people are using it! If you feel so inclined, please come back and let us know any interesting insights you’ve had by doing this.

      P.S. You have a great name. The ballad of Tam Lin was has always been one of my favorite folk tales, since I first read a children’s version in elementary school.

  13. J. Savage says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Cool project! I am doing something like it … this would have saved me some headache! As it was, this is a beautiful work. Would you mind if I posted a link to your B of M Without Punctuation on my website?

    • Heck no! You go right ahead and post the link. I’d love to get these resources to as many people as possible. What is your website URL? I’d love to visit it.

  14. Do you have a BOM file with the chapter and section numbers included?

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