I have many projects I’m working on, but I’d really like to focus my time on the projects that would be the most useful to people. But sometimes it’s hard to know which projects those are. So I thought I’d ask you which ones you’re most interested in. Here are some projects I’m thinking about tackling. If you would like to see some project completed before the others, let me know through this poll, and I’ll move it up my priority list. You may pick more than one answer or submit your own ideas at the bottom of the poll. Here are my potential projects in no particular order:

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  1. Brenda in Minnesota says:

    I’m a little ahead of you: I scripturized my patriarchal blessing 25 years ago. I still find things to cross-reference it with in the rest of the scriptures. I love it! I would add to anyone doing it that they should pray and have the Spirit help them find the breaks for verses and chapters, etc.

  2. Karen Jackson says:

    I began a scripture reading program today, and decided to look on Pinterest for a scripture reading chart to help me keep track, and discovered your chart for the Book of Mormon. I love it! How incredibly helpful this will be to me and, I’m sure, many others! I love things that are functional AND meaningful! What a wonderful service you are providing through your website. THANK YOU, Nathan Richardson!

  3. Brenda, I think that’s a great exercise for people to do with their blessings, and definitely with the Spirit, like you say. And by the way, my wife is from Minnesota!

    Karen Jackson, I’m glad you liked the reading chart. You might find other useful items on the Handouts page.

  4. Our gospel doctrine teacher gave us your chart for reading the Book of Mormon this year, and I was pleased at how easy it made to stay on track. I came to your website looking for others (which I found) and saw the Structured versions of the scriptures. I have saved them to my computer to help me with my studies for the gospel doctrine lessons. Even though I am not teaching, I like to read the lesson and be prepared for class.

    • I’m so glad you’re finding more useful things here! Good for you for reading the lessons in advance; you’re a teacher’s dream. 🙂 I’m sorry that the PDF I’ve posted for the Book of Mormon Structured Edition is such a messy draft; I am making slow but continuous progress on it, and I will post a cleaner version eventually. Hopefully it doesn’t have to wait till my kids all leave for college.

  5. I really appreciate that you are sharing all of your hard work with us. This is a treasure and I am excited to put much of this into practice. Thanks for the information you provide, and without charge. Please keep this up!

    • I’m so glad people are using it. I only wish I had more time to work on getting more stuff out faster. I have so many part-way done projects I hope to post!

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