Structural chapter reading chart: The Old Testament

11 January 2014


If you’re going to track your progress, you might as well learn something from your tracking chart, right?

Several nifty reading charts are out there for keeping track of your progress as you read the standard works (for example, they hand one out with the seminary Scripture Mastery cards). This one, however, is different because it also depicts the larger structure of the Old Testament, to help you get the big picture. Most books (the larger ones) have major and minor subdivisions. For example, Daniel subdivides neatly into two parts: history (ch. 1–6) and prophecies (ch. 7–12). 

The subdivisions I chose are based in part on the Structured Edition of the standard works—a customized version of the standard works that lays out the (unchanged) authorized text in paragraphs and with headings, so it looks more like a modern novel or textbook. If you’re interested in reading an edition of the scriptures that uses headings to depict this chart’s subdivisions in the actual text as you read, follow the link above. You can download it for free (the Old Testament is not completed yet).

I have to admit that my subdivisions for the Old Testament are not as well-researched as the reading charts I’ve made for the other standard works. The Old Testament is a massive book, and I haven’t been able to read through it as many times as I have the other books of scripture, which I need to do in order to find the macro structures I hope to depict in these charts. Because of that, I resorted to searching online for outlines made by other people, then combining them or adapting them to the purposes of this chart. In a few years, once I’ve had that chance to make a few more passes through the Old Testament, I will probably revise this chart.

For those who would like this chart adapted to show only the chapters required for seminary, see the Old Testament, Seminary selected readings chart.

Series: Structural Chapter Reading Charts

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  1. Carol Kendall

    I’m trying to figure out how to format this so I can fold it (as a booklet) so I can insert it INTO my scriptures. The current format folds exactly wrong for this use.

    Would it be possible to get the file as a “one page per page” format instead of a “two page per page” format?

    • Nathan

      I’ve created a bookfold version and emailed it to you. Please let me know if it’s what you had in mind.

  2. ShaLonda

    Wow, exactly what I need to assist with my Bible study. Very happy that I happened upon these documents. Thank you.

  3. Nancy Holladay

    I found it! Thanks.



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