This reading schedule takes the weekly reading assignments from the Come Follow Me scripture study curriculum‘s table of contents and puts them into a weekly chapter checklist, lined up side-by-side with a calendar that allows you to also check off which days you’ve read. The calendar days also indicate on which Sundays wards will hold Sunday school classes (the first and third Sundays of every month) and shows which weekly assignments will be combined and taught together in a single lesson, during each class session.

Small print (half-page single-sided)

Large print (full-page double-sided)

For example, during the week of Jul. 6–12, the reading is Alma 30–31. During the next week of Jul. 13–19, the reading is Alma 32–35. Sunday school will not be held Jul. 12 (a second Sunday of the month), but it will be held Jul. 19 (because it’s a third Sunday of the month). During that class session, the teacher should cover the reading assignments for the previous two weeks, or in this case, the entire account of the Zoramites at Alma 30–35.

Note that in parts of the world where they don’t meet on Sundays, they’ll have to tweak this schedule somewhat.

We’ve been instructed, of course, that the reading schedule is flexible and is only a general guide. I thought it would be helpful, though, for people to have this reading schedule so they can pace themselves and know in advance which passages will be likely be discussed during any given Sunday school class session.